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Save John

TPS Game From Team Lakers in CSCI526

Save John is a Third-person shoter(TPS)  3D mobile game designed to bring players both great shooting experience and heartwarming story.


Little boy John lives in New York. He made a snowman named Snow. One day, his apartment catches fire. Snow enters the building and tries to save John. However, Snow will meet tons of fire monsters. Will Snow success?



Key Features

Version 1.01 (4.25.2018)

• Development Environment: Unity 3D.

• Programming Language : C#.

• Fight and explore your way through a house in fire disasters and defeat fire monsters.\

• There's multi-levels, but you could heal yourself at the beginning of the level.

• New Features 1.01:Add First-person shooting perspective

• Code Source: github (Search SaveJohn).

• Video:ClickHere


Game Screens